About Us

About Us

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Sky Rent A Car was established to provide a new and different service to the car rental sector with quality. Since its inception, the company has been loyal to its operating principles, customer criteria and corporate image, serving with reasonable price - high quality understanding. The company providing services in many parts of Turkey, continues to grow every day with a presence in Antalya car rental industry.

Offering a car with a rich vehicle fleet, the company offers a customer-focused professional service with its guru-faced and well-equipped staff. Company personnel who provide all kinds of prior thinking and perfect service; fast, dynamic and distinguished service has always been the first choice company.

Sky Rent A Car, the service that customers need; smooth, fast and constantly offering a satisfaction-focused work. Antalya is the pioneer in the rental car sector, and it is undoubtedly the principle and the experienced personnel to keep customer satisfaction at the top level.

Sky has become an industry-leading company with innovative and perfect service concept among rental car companies. Moving in line with the company's mission and vision in accordance with its basic principles, it moved its sectoral presence to the top.

our vision

To maintain the presence in the sector by providing rental service of every term and to maintain the quality of service which is the first preference of the customers.

Our mission

o Being innovative in the sector, signing innovations that will give direction to the sector

o Keeping up with technological developments and making them compatible with the services provided

o To provide quality, fast and honest service

o Working with experienced and trained staff

Sky Rent A Car provides you with the hassle-free and fast solutions you need. You can call us for quality, convenient and fast service

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